Спанч Боб

— Мистер Крабс, но у меня была мечта!
— Ну и что? А у меня были камни в почках. Время все излечивает, мой мальчик.

Сэнди, Спанч Боб и червяк

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Аляскинский Бычий Червяк – та еще напасть! Он атакует Бикини Боттом, сея разрушение и хаос. Бедная белка Сэнди теряет из-за него собственный хвост, и теперь исполнена решимости отомстить негодяю. Теперь Спанч Бобу придется спасать ее от передряг, а весь город – от червя, который может разрушить подводный Бикини Боттом до основания. Друзьям придется предпринять массу попыток чтобы все-таки спасти свои любимые родные места и избавить их от Червя. Получится ли это у них?

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п»ї6 Best Video Marketing Practices for 2018 Did you know 51.9% of marketing professionals say video content provides the best ROI? Imagine promoting your video to millions… getting more views, likes and subscribers. Video marketing is a powerful way to build relationships and brand awareness with prospects. If you aren't using video in your marketing yet, it's high time to begin. So to help you get started, here are the best video marketing practices you want to watch out for and implement in 2018: 1) Plan Before Recording Don't just "wing it" and ramble when you record. It's important to have a clear-cut message you want to share. Create bullet points you want to get across. You can even tape them to the wall to stay on track. Then practice it. Don't read. The more conversational you are the more connected your audience will feel. 2) Hook 'em Fast Just like headlines are important for articles and email marketing, opening hooks are key to grabbing attention from viewers. You have 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. What question can you ask to draw them in? How can you make them curious or intrigued to find out more? 3) Give First If you create your video with the feeling "I want them to buy" it will send bad vibes. Think first about how you can share value. What can you teach them? How you can make them feel entertained? What inspiration can you provide? 4) Facts Tell, Stories Sell No one can resist a good story. Try to think of a story that illustrates the point you want to make. It helps viewers relate to you and engages them on an emotional level. 5) Call to Action Ask the viewers to take action at the end of the video. Do you want them to buy, subscribe, or hit like and share? 6) SEO Optimize Use keywords in your video title, description, and tags that will help you rank better on YouTube and Google. Create a catchy title that uses keywords and sounds natural. If you have post the video on your website, creating a sitemap tells the search engine bots you have a video hosted on your website and will result in more organic traffic. Video marketing is quickly becoming the future of content marketing. I hope you'll take the plunge this year to make video marketing an important addition to your promotion toolbox. Check out some of the video eTips I do on a weekly basis on our YouTube channel here! Visit site: http://gameone.club/ blogging planner
CraigGal 15 апреля 2018, в 21:05
п»їThe 6 Golden Rules for Building a Million Dollar Business with Integrity If you are anything like me you have probably already invested a fair bit of time and money into your personal and professional development over the years. Maybe you have like I did, made some great and some not so good choices when it comes to choosing the programs you attend. I am grateful for both they taught me some good lessons. Have you ever asked yourself: Is it possible to build a million dollar business (or whatever figure is yours) with complete integrity and honesty? I have created at least 3 times that amount in value for my clients. That is my real aim and that’s what I am totally focused on. I happen to create monetary value for my clients so it’s easily measurable, and I believe that everyone can use this formula. Just think of the value you create for your clients in terms of health, happiness etc. What is that worth to them? There are 6 Golden Rules that I am applying whenever I need to make a decision about how to act in any given situation. These rules make it simple (not necessarily easy) to make decisions, keep my conscience clear and give me the confidence needed to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. Here are my six golden rules: 1. Be yourself at all times That means ‘on stage’ and off. You have probably seen my videos, may have heard my voice on my blog or on a teleseminar. What you see/hear is the real me. I don’t put on a show, I am just myself. It works well, because I only attract those people to me that like who I really am. So I never feel pressured to ‘live up to expectations’ as far as my personality is concerned, because you already know what I am like. It also means that the people I attract will love being part of my ‘tribe’. That’s the group of people that I work with and communicate with on a regular basis (meaning you). Most likely all of these lovely people share my main values and are therefore easily going to bond with each other as well. And that group bond is a massively powerful thing! It creates a forcefield that can propel us all forward in a really exciting way! 2. Underpromise and overdeliver I don’t believe in hype. The value I promise is the value I deliver. I like delighting my clients by giving them value they didn’t expect to get. I can’t see the point in promising people everything and the kitchen sink. I am clear about the value I deliver and will base it on what people can reasonably be expected to achieve. I always provide testimonials to back up these claims. Getting testimonials is my first goal when rolling out a new program. They provide proof from someone other than me which is much more powerful than me claiming things myself. Testimonials, when done effectively, are one of your most valuable assets in business. I will show you how to have clients write them the right way so they will work for you at my Market your Brilliance Intensive. 3. Make clear rules and stick to them It is really important to be clear about the rules of engagement upfront. That includes the guarantee, the expectations you have of each other, payment and cancellation policies etc. This keeps you in a powerful position. The way you make decisions then is based on your rules, it’s not personal. This ensures everybody feels fairly dealt with and it also means you won’t be roped into making special arrangements for people where you really shouldn’t. This is important not only for your bottom line but also for your powerful role as a coach. 4. Be compassionate While you want to stick to your rules to prevent becoming a pushover, you also want to be compassionate where appropriate. This is where you need to and can trust your own judgement. Not everything is black and white. If someone makes a substantial financial investment with you and then finds out they have cancer and can’t participate, would you refund their money? I certainly would. That doesn't mean that every change in circumstance warrants a refund. Again it’s down to your judgement. I always remind myself, business is done with real people so I make decisions I can stand for as a person. 5. Ask for and be open to receiving feedback This isn’t always easy, especially when you have just taken all your courage and stepped out of your comfort zone. Make sure you are selective about whose feedback you take on board. I suggest you listen to your most valued clients and the mentor(s) you trust and model and then still trust your own judgement. Feedback is really important for you to improve what you do, and therefore your bottom line. Learning to accept it gracefully is a skill worth learning and practicing for life. 6. Focus on reaching as many people as possible rather than focusing on selling what you have to everyone that presents themselves. Not everyone will need your services right now, not everyone that contacts you is someone you will enjoy working with. The more people you can reach, the more you have the choice. My focus is not ‘where will I get the next client?’ it’s ‘how can I get my message in front of as many people as possible?’ Doing this means the people who are ready and suitable will be attracted to what you do and will come to you. That’s a much nicer way to do business, don’t you think? Overall, nothing makes it easier to follow all the above rules as having more than enough clients and potential clients. And having a system that creates client abundance is what I teach. Visit site: http://gameone.club/ canada classified sites list 2015
CraigGal 15 апреля 2018, в 19:02
п»їManagement Consulting Project Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly As is true with any profession, management consultants get better at their jobs with time and experience. That’s particularly true for consultants who make a point of conducting project assessments, gathering their clients’ feedback at the end of a project, and then using that feedback to ensure improved performance on future engagements. Post-project reviews (PPRs) with both your clients and your internal team are an ideal opportunity to build on your own success and avoid making the same mistakes twice. But be prepared: An honest project evaluation involves taking a hard look at the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the performance of your project. Although an honest project review may sometimes sting your ego, remember that you can use every ounce of feedback you get to ensure that you do a better job on your next engagement. In Your Client’s Own Words Let your client know well ahead of time that you’ll conclude the project with an opportunity to assess its impact. It’s a good idea to include the PPR as the final step in the project timeline you initially present to your client. When the time comes, conduct the meeting in person, and be sure to include key stakeholders within the client organization, as well as the project manager, account manager and any others who may wish to provide input. First on the agenda for the meeting: Ask questions designed to help you understand your client’s overall level of satisfaction with the project. Did it meet the client’s goals? What did the client think of the process followed to attain the end result? Be specific. How did your client feel about the project management? Did they like the weekly status e-mails you provided? Where they too detailed, or not detailed enough? What about meetings that took place over the course of the project: Were they an effective use of the client’s time? Was the online approval process convenient, or would the client prefer a different approach next time? Is there anything else the client would change if he or she had a chance to start over? This meeting is also the moment of truth when you’ll find out what your client thinks about the level of service your team provided. Did your team members respond to your client’s requests in a timely manner? Did they answer any questions fully? Were problems resolved to your client’s satisfaction? Was the quality of work what the client expected? Where did your team fall short? Be sure to ask for your client’s specific recommendations for how you can improve your approach or service. Most importantly, be ready to keep those suggestions top-of-mind during your next engagement. After the meeting, send the client a thank you e-mail, note or gift – depending on the depth of your relationship and the size of the project – to express your appreciation. Back at the Office Once you’ve wrapped up your post-project review with the client, your work still isn’t done. Now it’s time to sit down with your team and ask yourselves some tough questions. Hold an internal project assessment with every team member who touched the project – or if you’re a solo consultant, set aside the time to do it on your own. This is the time for an honest evaluation of everything from the financial side of the job to the customer service you provided, with a goal of improving performance. First, take a look at your financial performance on the job. Where there project overruns in any areas? What caused them? Were your estimates accurate or way off? What about the quality of delivery? Were there parts of the project that required re-work on the part of your team? If so, how much did that cost your business, and how could it have been avoided? Think about how the project changed over time. Did you accurately capture additional project requests that emerged over the course of the project, track them as scope changes, and account for them in your estimates and billing? If not, how much money did you lose out on, or was it worth it to take the hit to ensure your client’s satisfaction? To help you estimate the next project more accurately, try to determine what elements were missing or unknown during your initial estimation process. Next, take a long look at the overall project management. Were you able to stick to the timelines you developed? If not, why? Were you able to appropriately book resources when needed? Was the client’s goal achieved in the timeframe you committed to? If not, what may have affected the timeliness of delivery, and how can you account for such deviations from the plan with your next project? Keep in mind that delays may have been caused by something as simple as the client being on vacation, or a technical problem such as the client needing to set up a new server. But for the sake of your future projects, also consider that they may have been caused by something within your own control. Dedicate some time to thinking about how to make things easier on yourself next time. For example, were there any repeatable processes or documents from this project that you could develop into standardized templates and re-use? If you’ve already got a set of template documents or processes, pull them out now and see if you can incorporate any new lessons or information that will be valuable on the next job. Finally, ask your team members to identify three things that went well with the project, as well as three things that could be improved upon – and take these suggestions to heart. Wrap up your post-project evaluation by reviewing the client’s feedback on what you did right or wrong. Have an honest discussion about how to prevent any negative feedback next time. And don’t forget to congratulate your team – and yourself – for a job well-done. Visit site: http://gameone.club/ dollar general store digital coupons sign up
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